Tree Pruning: An Overlooked Service

Periodically, trees need pruning or trimming. Due to overgrowth or broken branches, trees need annual maintenance which means pruning or trimming off dead or diseased branches. By removing old branches, further damage is prevented and new growth flourishes. Falling branches can damage your property. You wouldn’t want a branch to fall on your house or car necessitating expensive repair costs. When your trees have overgrowth and diseased or broken branches, these are all signs that your trees need pruning or trimming. If you do not have the skill or equipment to prune your trees, hire a reputable tree service company. A trained and knowledgeable tree service technician will be able to inspect and assess the damage and expertly prune your trees.

For some species of trees, the winter season is the optimal time for pruning or trimming them. With no leaves to clean up, the cuts heal quicker. Pruning encourages bud growth allowing for healthy leaves when the spring season arrives. During the winter season, there is less tree sap which makes it easier to prune your trees. Ask a qualified tree technician to inspect your trees to determine the best time for pruning and trimming them.

You might be wondering about the difference between pruning and trimming a tree. Mainly, tree trimming is performed on shrubs and hedges to keep them in a pleasing shape and appearance. Also, trimming is necessary to ensure proper growth. Tree trimming removes overgrowth and allows for more moisture and light to increase the growth of a shrub, hedge, or bush. Tree branches that cross over one another need room to grow. Pruning improves the growth and health of a tree.

Pruning is done to protect a tree or shrub. Pruning is a preventive and protective measure that rids a plant, tree, or shrub of loose dead leaves and small branches or twigs. Pruning prevents damage to other plants, trees or shrubs. If you want beautiful trees, pruning is necessary to improve the tree’s shape and future health. Pruning can protect against disease, insect damage, and allows for growth. Disease and damage prevent a tree from growing. The idea is allowing the tree to thrive and not to hinder growth. Beautiful trees are important for improved curb appeal and increased property value. By pruning your trees and shrubs, you can maintain a pleasant appearance of your home or business property. For do-it-yourself pruning, you will need equipment such as pruning shears or lopping shears. If you truly want to improve your trees and protect them, consult with an arborist or trees service specialist. They have the training and knowledge and they know which trees need trimming or pruning. They also know the correct time or season to trim certain species of trees. An untrained person can damage a tree because they do not know which branches should be pruned. With fruit and flowering trees, to improve production yield and to protect the trees, hire a professional tree service company. Properly maintained trees live longer.

Tuckpointing: Do I Need It?

Any homeowner that lives in a home built of brick, is most likely familiar with tuck pointing. Bricks are held together with mortar and over time that mortar wears out. When this happens your house will start to develop exterior cracks and this is when some serious damage can occur. However, may homeowners have possibly never heard of tuck pointing. So what exactly is tuck pointing and how is it performed?

Tuck pointing has been around since the first brick home was built. Brick, although a very sturdy and attractive material to build home with, required some temporary upkeep. The mortar that holds bricks together does not last forever. Like anything else, it breaks down over time. When this happens the appearance of cracks in the exterior walls can be quite concerning to all home owners. Fear not. There is a solution…tuck pointing. The first step in tuck pointing is removing the old, deteriorating mortar. There are many was to do this, including a simple hammer and chisel, however the most common practice in this day and age is the use of an electric grinder. This is much quicker and labor intensive than using a hammer and chisel. Once all the old mortar is removed, a hose is used to blast out any remaining mortar dust in preparation for the new material.

After the mortar has been completely removed from the affected wall, the next step is to replace it with new mortar. This is a very skilled process and only the most trusted tuck pointers should be allowed to do this to your home. A messy tuck pointing job will greatly reduce the appeal of your brick home. Always seek out a respected tuck pointer. The new mortar is applied with an awl and a scraper to ensure that it is even and looking clean. New mortar dries relatively quickly and a complete tuck pointing job can actually be completed within a day. However, large buildings or homes can take several days or weeks to complete.

Gateway City Tuckpointing Co.

So when should I get my house tuck pointed? If your home is built of brick and you notice any cracks in the mortar or brickwork, it is time to call a tuck pointer pronto! Cracks will not get better on their own and will only get worse. In extreme cases, a partial collapse is possible and then you are looking at major repair costs, not to mention the possibility of your home being condemned. Nobody wants to deal with that. Also, cracks in the exterior of your home allow moisture to wreak havoc on your home. Water is meant to be outside, not inside your house. The destructive nature of water is extensive and would require an entire article all for itself. Cracks also allow creatures of all kinds to enter your home. Small cracks are great places for insects to enter your home and take up residence. Larger cracks allow squirrels, birds, mice, and a whole zoo to enter your home.

So the moral of the story is to get those cracks taken care of immediately. As mentioned above, they will only get worse over time. Tuck pointing, although not the sexiest topic when it comes to home ownership, is a necessary part of owning a brick home. Good luck with those cracks!

Pest Control: Find the Right Pro

Choosing a reputable pest control company takes time and research to find the right company.   To aid your search effort, perform online research and check out online reviews. The steps below will help with selecting a reputable pest control company. Don’t sign a contract unless the company has achieved a good reputation by completing several contracts with many satisfied customers.

Step 1: Research via the internet or visit one or two companies. Learn information about their process and what is involved with hiring them to service your home. Don’t hire a company or sign a contract without performing a thorough check on their reputation and references. Check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Step 2: Identify the pest and perform online research to determine the best course of action to eradicate it.

Step 3: Ask for recommendations of trusted pest control companies by checking with family and friends.

Step 4: Before they step onto your property, check for their exterminator license, their business license, insurance, and accreditation credentials.

Step 5: Contact reputable companies and ask for an estimate and ask about their process steps. Check with your state about their exterminator license number to ensure it is valid.

Step 6: A very important step, follow up and make calls to validate their exterminator license and references.

Step 7: Review their solutions and make sure you agree with them.

Step 8: Before they visit, make sure you perform a thorough check on them. Don’t sign any documents until you determine they are the company you want to use as a pest control service. Make sure that they are licensed professional exterminators who explain the process and chemicals used in your home and yard. Obtain a written estimate and a written contract.

Step 9: Before you sign the contract, review the contract, including the fine print, contained in the contract.

Step 10: After you are sure that you have selected a reputable company, schedule a one-time pest control visit.

Step 11: Before scheduling more exterminator visits, complete the first visit and obtain satisfactory results.

Step 12: Obtain written receipts for all payments made on a written exterminator contract.

Within the USA, all states require Pest Control Exterminators to be licensed. Conditions and terms vary by each state. States require that exterminators comply with licensing requirements by taking and passing courses.

To obtain a license, most states require at least 20 hours or more of job training as well as passing required tests. However, the number of required hours for on-the-job training and coursework varies by each state.   Some exterminator companies provide one-time visits or monthly, semi-monthly, and annual treatment plans. Angie’s List data mentions that the national average price for termite treatment is about $1,535. A national average cost for interior and exterior pest control treatment is $145 and $214 dollars per visit.  Monthly pest control treatment will cost approximately $40 to $45 per visit. Semi-monthly treatments will cost approximately $50 to $60 per application visit. Again, prices vary by region and state.

Wedding Transportation: A Key Ingredient

Planning a wedding takes a lot of hard work and time, and in often done many months in advance to ensure that no detail is missed. While there are a number of details that must be addressed throughout the planning, there are some things that need to be taken care of right away and at the top of the priorities list. These days, many couples consider it an essential to provide their wedding party with safe transportation to and from the wedding. This is one of the top reasons why wedding coach bus rental services are becoming more and more popular.

Gateway City Limo

When you book one of our luxury coach buses for your wedding transportation, it will benefit both you and your guests in a variety of different ways. Our coach buses are large, spacious, comfortable, and can seat anywhere between 27 to 56 passengers at a time. Each person will have their own seat, which will have plenty of legroom to stretch their legs and recline as they please. In addition to this, any bags or luggage that your guests may be carrying can easily fit into the built-in storage compartments that are provided with the bus rental.

There are many benefits to renting a coach bus for your wedding transportation, including:

No Guest is Late to the Reception: If you offer all of your wedding party transportation from the ceremony to the reception, you can ensure that no one will be late! At Long Island Coach buses, this is very important to us.

No one gets Lost: Since the bus you are renting comes with a professional and experienced chauffeur, you do not have to worry about people getting lost while driving to your reception. This is even more helpful for out of town guests that may not be familiar with the area.

Safer: Many guests consume alcohol at the reception and can leave people a bit intoxicated by the end of the night. By renting one of our buses, they will be able to get back to their hotel in a safe way that ensures no one is drinking and driving.

Customizable Bus: You can decorate your bus to match your wedding theme, which can make your day even more fun and special!

More Fun: You can start the party early on your rented coach bus! You and your guests are allowed to bring alcoholic beverages on board, which is not an option when driving your own vehicles and not as safe.